I am a college (CEGEP) teacher in Quebec focusing on outdoor, experiential, authentic education for my students and my own journey and growth as an educator.

I started this site with the intention of reflecting on my own teaching practice, on new pedagogies, on thoughts and dreams I have about education, and as a platform for some of my work towards my M.Ed in Sustainability, Creativity, & Innovation.

I chose the name Merlyn21C because of an influential book that is well-loved in my family, The Once and Future King by T.H. White. It is the story of King Arthur from his boyhood to his death. He was tutored by the magician Merlyn who allowed him to experience life through the eyes (and feathers, and gills, and antennae!) of beasts. Through Merlyn’s teaching, Arthur developed the life skills he needed to become a great king.

This was a very unconventional education but it led to great things. Today, we don’t have the same needs. We have the need for what is known today as “21st century skills”. I hope that through the reflections we engage in here, we can bring Merlyn into the 21st century to equip our young people for the future that awaits them.

Please join the discussion by leaving comments, sharing posts you find interesting, and challenging what I write! The purpose of this blog is to reflect, not to pontificate. I value the dialogue that allows us to evaluate and improve our practice. Thanks for participating!merlin-956712

(A merlin is a type of falcon, too.)


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