Nature Affluence in the City

I live in a beautiful place. Surrounded by the sea, forest-covered mountains, rivers and streams. Sea birds and driftwood are the accessories on my morning walks. The wind is ever present (whether I like it or not). Every season brings natural wonders: tracks in the winter, buds in spring, storms in fall and the amazing beauty of summer.

And here I am today, in the living room of the home I will be moving to in 2 months’ time. A home in a city where concrete covers the Earth and smog fills the air.

Where will I find my daily dose of Nature here?

Opening my senses, I believe I can find it. It will take a bit more mindfulness, but already this morning I have been encouraged by what I’ve seen, heard, smelled, and felt.

I was awoken by birds at 4:30 am.

The first thing I saw when I opened my curtain was a cardinal hopping along the fence outside my window.

A walk in the neighbourhood showed me cherry blossoms, flowers, and new spring shoots in people’s gardens.

My run later today will bring me to a forest trail.

My daughters are blowing dandelion puffs and bringing me forget-me-nots from the flower garden.

I am eager to plant a pollinator garden and to put out bird feeders. I am excited about exploring the city by bike and finding the Nature that exists here, between the rivers and the mountain. I look forward to connecting with Nature IN my city, rather than feeling like I have to “escape”.

I am nature-affluent in my current home, where I sometimes don’t even see the forest for the trees. Here in my new home, I will have to be more intentional about finding it, noticing it, and appreciating it. But I am fortunate to know that this connection to nature will stay with me, even as I take root in the city.



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