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leaves-291024_1280I recently discovered, via an assignment, the platform Storify. It’s a blogging platform, if you want it to be that, and I have yet to discover its further possibilities, but I could see it being used in myriad ways by teachers due to the beautiful and simple way it allows the user to curate web resources.

There is a comment feature that allows you to comment on each paragraph as opposed to commenting at the bottom of a post. I hope this feature would encourage conversation about specific points and links.

Apparently if you upgrade in WordPress you can embed Storify stories in WordPress, but for now I’ll just have to post the link

Here is my first attempt at a Storify post. In it, I explore the question of how to inculcate an emotional attachment to the Earth in urban youth who may never have the opportunity to experience the “vastness and grandeur” of the “wilderness”.
Hope you like it.
I’d also love to hear how teachers are using Storify in the classroom, for professional development, for connection to other teachers, or simply for personal reflection.

via Urban Outdoor Education · Storify.


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